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I am a huge promoter of marriage as you know. The reason for this is because it is the best basis for bring up children to be happy, confident human beings.

Looking around you may see children that misbehave and are undisciplined, and often this is due to them being from broken homes. Now, I do realise that many many women and men do an admirable job bringing up their children. I was brought up by my Mum; my dad died when I was six. I think I was brought up just fine!

But from my experience with men, and knowing how to behave around men, and learning man things – it would have been better if I had had a Dad around.

I have looked at studies of children and their progress after divorce. They continually show that children are affected by divorce far more than was previously thought. That they suffer for the whole of their lives, are less likely to have long relationships, are more likely to separate from their partners themselves – a whole cycle is started.

Now don’t think I am preaching to you – on the contary, I am divorced. I have a daughter. I wish I knew then what I know now – but it is too late for regrets. I am remarried now and happy.

This is why I urge everyone, think think and think again before you go for divorce. Look at the person, you loved them once, you promised to always love them. That person is there underneath, and you need to search for them.

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