Is There Hope to Save a Marriage? Here Lies the Secret to Turning Your Marriage Around

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Is There Hope to Save a Marriage? Here Lies the Secret to Turning Your Marriage Around

By Steve Gee

Do this one magical thing and there will be plenty of hope for saving your marriage

Has your spouse just told you that your marriage is over? Are you doing what most people do when this happens? If you are then stop right now and read the rest of this article. It could be the difference between splitting up and making up.

What you must not do if you hope to save your marriage and stop your divorce

Most people have a knee-jerk reaction to their spouse telling you that you’re finished as a couple. You tell them how much you love them and can’t live without them. You tell them that you would do anything to get them back. You will change your habits, buy gifts, spend less time at the office blah blah blah… Do you think that all this pleading is going to make any difference? Well it is – it’s going to make things a lot worse and push your partner even further away from you.

You have to fight to save your marriage but you need the right weapons

Whatever you do, stop pleading with your spouse right now. It isn’t going to help and you need to learn a different way of approaching your problem.

Getting your wife back isn’t going to be easy but it can be done and if you go in armed with the right weapons and the proper training in how to use them then you will be surprised just how effective they can be. There is hope to save a marriage in most cases – it’s just a matter of doing the right things in the right way.

This is the first thing you must do to get your Ex back

The first thing that you must do to save your marriage is accept that it’s over. I know that this doesn’t sound right but you’re not going to get anywhere until you realize that it’s what your partner wants right now and you need to give it to them. Think about getting your ex back as the start of a wonderful new relationship together not the end of one that’s failing.

Have a calm and rational discussion with your partner and tell mim or her that they are so right and that you have been thinking along the same lines for a long time. If you’ve already done the pleading bit and some time has passed then write them a letter to tell them that you now accept the situation and that you think it’s the right thing to do.

I know that this is the exact opposite of what your heart is telling you to do but this technique has far greater chance of working than pleading with your spouse hoping that they will change their mind. Let’s face it, pleading almost never works so what have you got to lose?

Now there is hope to save your marriage

Once you’ve accepted the situation and you both start to think about the rest of your life the pressure of the separation melts away and you’re free to start making up. Be careful not to undo the good work you’ve done so far though. You now have to go under the radar to start getting your ex to love you again without realizing what’s happening. If you go about it the right way – there is hope to save your marriage in abundance.

About the Author: Discover under-the-radar techniques that will make your ex love you again without even realizing what you’re doing – Find out how you can save a doomed marriage


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