Emotional Infidelity-Why Does It Happen At All?


Emotional Infidelity and Emotional Affairs – Why do they occur?

These days people are becoming more and more aware of emotional affairs as they are sometimes known. Physical affairs are affairs, how can there me such a thing as an emotional affair? Why should we worry about this?  If our spouse was involved in emotional infidelity, would we know about it?

1st things 1st. There is nothing physical about a purely emotional affair. So no worries about sexually transmitted diseases, or unwanted pregnancies. People are sensitive and the fact that your other half is going to someone else with their problems will no doubt make your feelings hurt. This is the start of infidelity.

An emotional affair is one based on emotions – I realise that is obvious but it is true. The point is, normally you are your partners other half. You are their sounding board, you get to hear their gripes and moans, you get hear their whispered secrets in the dead of night. These are the things that make us a couple, one part of a whole that shares everything.

Communication is vital

So when we realise that our partner hasn’t spoken to us for a couple of weeks about anything other than the practicalities of the household, then alarm bells should ring. Communication is the basis for every good relationship. What if its the same person that your partner chats to on the phone, or emails, or talks to in chat rooms? That the same number keeps coming up on the phone bill? Then you need to look out and beware. Infidelity is on the horizon.

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If you question your other half, they may laugh at you and say: “We are just friends, can’t I have friends?  Anyone can have a friend, even of the opposite sex, but if they are always talking to their new friend, or talking about their new friend, then this can be damaging to your relationship.

Physical infidelity

Emotional affairs can also be the beginning of a physical affair. Women need that emotional bond before embarking on an affair.   Never underestimate the Don Juan effect – getting a woman to confide in a guy, to trust him, to share with him so often leads to a physical fling. Women need an emotional basis before they sleep with a guy, and this is where emotional infidelity starts.

It is not just women, men to a liable to be led astray by some soft understanding woman that spends time just listening and being supportive. Think how the two of you were when you first started out together………..isn’t that just how  you both were?

Emotional infidelity is easier to call a halt to, provided they are caught quickly. If you suspect your spouse of having this sort of emotional affair, the sooner you can catch it, the easier it will be to put a stop to.

But what can you say to your partner to nip things in the bud? To make them turn round and see that you are here for them, and you want them back as your life partner? Emotional affairs make it difficult to trust again.

If you decide you do, why not take a look around this site and discover more about what to do about emotional infidelity.

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